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Welcome to the new Cochise County Treasurer application center. The application center provides the ability to view detailed property tax information, get payment receipts, tax bills, amounts due and more through the Parcel Inquiry application. You can also search parcels by name and address, view area code rates and change your mailing address.
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To begin using Parcel Inquiry, simply enter or select your parcel number in the box on the left and click Submit.

The parcel number can be found on your tax bill or you can use the Search by Owner or Search by Property options from the main menu to find your parcel number.

Help information is available for each screen in the application center. For help with a particular screen simply click the Help link in the top menu to view help topics specific for the screen you are currently viewing. Common help information is available on some screens at the bottom of the page.

Information in the application center is not real time but is updated nightly. As a result, the information provided does not reflect payments or other parcel activity that has occurred in the current business day.

For further assistance please see the Help documentation or contact the Treasurer's Office. Contact information is available through the Contact Us link at the top of the screen.