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Applied Interest/Fees

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Effective DateItem DescriptionCodeCertificate FeeAmount
01/01/2021$5.00 or 5% Penalty FeePENALTYYes$5.00
02/16/2021Certificate FeeCERTYes$20.00
02/16/2021Taxes Due when Certificate AssignedTAXCYes$73.32
02/16/2021Interest Due when Certificate CreatedINTCYes$15.64
02/16/2021Certificate Redemption FeeREDFNo$30.00
03/26/2021Accrued Interest on Az CertificateINTANo$1.52

The Applied Interest and Fees shown above do not reflect whether the item(s) has been paid or not. Please visit the Tax Year Due screen to determine due amounts for the year.

* Certificate Int/Fees represents interest and fees applied to the certificate and are included in the certificate amount.

** Other Int/Fees represent fees that are applied to the tax year and are not included in the certificate amount if one exists.